Final Sin

Mystery & Thrillers

By Chelle Cordero

Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

ABOUT Chelle Cordero

Chelle Cordero
I’m the kid with the vivid imagination and a whole slew of very interesting and unique made-up friends, lol. As I grew into a hopeless romantic, I was involved in some rather exciting and interesting jobs and volunteer work: backstage lighting designer, NYC Auxiliary Police, wannabe actr More...



Deputy Sheriff Commander Jake Carson has his hands full with the investigation of a brutal multiple homicide, a troubled son and a vindictive ex-wife when he meets young, free-spirited paramedic Julie Jennings. He is immediately drawn to her and finds himself unexpectedly falling in love. Julie finds herself just as drawn to him. When Julie becomes the subject of an obsession, it puts both of their lives in extreme danger... Romance...danger...adventure...suspense...another great Chelle Cordero novel sure to grab readers from many genre!

Inspired by the setting of a true-life murder and crime scene and involved in the area's Emergency Medical Services, I let my imagination run wild!

Chelle Cordero strikes a winning combination of romance and suspense in this medical crime thriller. Detailed research and characterizations coupled with a break-neck pace create a hard-to-put-down-read. (Kathy Dianne-Leveille)

The suspense is electrifying and the impending disaster keeps the reader on edge until the last page. Matt and Jake both vie for Julie's loyalty and trust wanting the other out of the way. Not until Julie becomes a victim of this killer do they ban together to stop him before it is too late. ...  This is a five star book by a five star author. (Fran Lewis)

...this well-written book also features non-stop action, plenty of suspense, and some well-handled chilling scenes. I enjoyed this book. With Chelle's EMT background, we have--in addition to a dandy plot--a window into the world of the EMTs including one brave lady Julie Jennings. There's a killer loose and what he leaves behind is strong stuff, but Julie and her partner must maintain their composure and skill levels in spite of the horror of the crime scene. So, too, does Jake, a no-nonsense lawman whose long-time experience helps keep him on track in spite of the media frenzy and his growing attraction to Julie. ... I have yet to read a Cordero book that didn't keep me reading and turning pages and wanting more late into the night. (Malcolm Campbell)

This story nearly vibrates with tension, and the impending doom will have you on the edge of your seat. The cast of characters is brilliantly depicted, each given both good and bad qualities that really enliven them to the reader. You actually get into the minds of several characters, and not just Jake’s and Julie’s. Final Sin is a real nail biter, and entirely too good to pass up, a true testament to Chelle Cordero’s talent. (Lototy - Coffee Time Romance)