The Big Sneeze

Children's Books

By Julia Widdop

Publisher : Dreamtime Press

ABOUT Julia Widdop

Julia Widdop
Julia Widdop is a spirituality and creativity coach working with artists and writers in western Colorado to help them get "unstuck" and finish their creative projects. Julia uses a combination of holistic journaling, intuitive painting and other shamanistic techniques to help peo More...



The Big Sneeze is the story of the big bang, the evolution of life and how energy changes form, but never ceases to exist. Written as a simple children's guide to understanding how energy moves and tranforms. Richly illustrated on each page with the vivid and fantastic watercolors of Jeanette Falconetti.

I was inspired to write this book while trying to explain to my grandson how nothing ever truly dies, but simply changes form. This led to describing the big bang in simple terms. My friend Jeanette agreed to illustrate the book with her beautiful watercolors which transformed the book into a true work of art.

"I liked it. It's a cool story" 10-year-old Sierra Meens

"I liked the funny words and the way it's called the big sneeze instead of the big bang." 10 year-old Issac Russell