No One in New Orleans Will Die

General Fiction

By Jill Greene

Publisher : xlibris

ABOUT Jill Greene

Jill Greene



No One in New Orleans Will Die is a postmodern take regarding random conspiracy theories, and interpersonal and cultural relationships between citizens and New Orleans in the years following Katrina. As seen through the characters’ dialogue, living amongst devastation and slow progress produces an environment conducive to ‘living in limbo’ for the citizens of New Orleans. It gives a haunting, romantic, intimate look into the different population sample of current New Orleanians. A remarried, widowed ex-advertisement executive turned construction worker who is haunted by his wife’s death, a mediocre jazz singer and musician, a disillusioned ex-banker turned grief counselor are the main characters in the story. Social analysis of New Orleans and the current trends and problems are resonated in the book through the characters and their relationships.

Discussions and observations of locals, land marks, visits to the destroyed and reconstructed neighborhoods have and still are being conducted by the author, J.S. Greene. The goal is to recreate the culture and promise of New Orleans while keeping abreast of the reconstructing process with the utmost integrity. The intended audience is the collegiate crowd and older, as well as people with a conscious of New Orleans’s past, present, and future and its romantic quality.

The story behind the book is the observation of the lives of people living in "limbo" in a post-Katrina New Orleans.