Conducting Effective Twitter Contests Chapter 1

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By Tony Eldridge

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Tony Eldridge
Tony Eldridge is a former marketing professional and the author of the action/adventure novel, The Samson Effect, that Clive Cussler called a "first rate thriller brimming with intrigue and adventure." He is also the creator of Marketing Tips for Authors, a daily blog that gives  More...



Get an edge over your competition by using effective Twitter contests to:

Find followers on Twitter who are interested in what you have to offer Send targeted people to your blog or website Establish relationships with experts who can introduce you to their followers Establish yourself as an expert in your field You can find out how to do all this and more in Conducting Effective Twitter Contests. And with the combination of text and video training, learning has never been easier or faster.

What others are saying about Conducting Effective Twitter Contests...

Tony Eldridge's "Conducting Effective Tweeter Contests" displays the same relevance, integrity, and attention to detail found in his daily Marketing Tips for Authors Blog. Tony takes a fresh topic and provides a highly readable, illustrate, step-by-step roadmap to success. Tony takes you on a pre-launch to follow-up journey that even the most techno-phobic author or business owner can use to maximize their social media marketing.
-Roger C. Parker, The "Best Selling $32 Million Dollar Author" and author of #Book Title Tweet

If you'd like to boost your Twitter followers, I highly recommend Conducting Effective Twitter Contests. The combination of video and text reinforces the message and is terrific for people who learn better by watching or who feel a bit intimidated by online marketing.
Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer and author of the Twitter Guide for Authors.

Conducting Effective Twitter Contests is amazing. Tony covers topics that go beyond basic contest running to topics such as protecting your Twitter relationships and everything in between. I haven't seen anything like this information. Tony has developed a step-by-step system to make it easy for you to follow.
Phyllis Zimbler Miller, co-founder of Miller Mosaic Power Marketing and author of What You Should Know About Using Twitter Effectively and Strategically

The intricacies of any contest are challenging. Running a contest on Twitter adds another level of complexity, because your event has to not only fit all the legal rules for contests, but also fit into the culture of Twitter. If you want to run a Twitter-based contest, read this first and avoid the sandtraps and cliff edges.
Shel Horowitz, co-author,  Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Phew! I’ve just gone through Tony Eldridge’s Conducting Twitter Contests and first reaction; Wow!... Saying his course is about Twitter Contests would be limiting it! The course has nuggets of information that will benefit your outcome of twitter even without conducting a contest. Summation – Tony Eldridge’s Conducting Twitter Contests is a must read for anyone planning a twitter contest!

Freya- Author Community Manager at BookBuzzr

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