Finding Your Rib

Religion & Spirituality, Family & Relationships

By Raymond Evans

Publisher : Dr. Raymond L. Evans

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Raymond Evans



“We live in a society where passions are rider less horses, uncontrolled and uncontrollable, in which there is a desolation of decency, in which love has become a jungle emotion, lust exalted to lordship, sin elevated to sovereignty, Satan adored as a saint, and man magnified above his Maker. Americans have come to dwell in an Alice in Wonderland world of fantasy, of self-delusion. Everything has been turned upside down and inside out in our America. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Good is bad and bad is good. Normal is abnormal, and abnormal is normal, true is false and false is true. We are fast degenerating into a decadent culture obsessed with selfishness and sin, death and destruction.”

At an early age in my life, I had a clear understanding of my sexuality. I had my first girl friend at the age of five and throughout my whole life, I have always had the desire to one day get married, have kids and live happily ever after. I had the perfect examples to follow; my dad and mom. They were the loved ones that taught me that marriage was forever. However, later in life when I did get married, I soon found that it was not as easy as one had pictured. It’s not that marriage isn’t easy, it’s just that I did not have all the tools to do it right. It wasn’t until after I had failed at my second marriage that I did some real soul searching and really started looking at the Word of God concerning marriage and the rest of my life. Let me just say that I have nothing against marriage; I even plan on doing it again; this is why I have written this book. It was planted by God in me and I gave birth to it. This book contains a lot of healthy information that can help you open your eyes and your heart to your marriage if you’re married and relationships if you are planning on getting married. In this book, I will share a few stories about me and will breakdown that art of being happy and making it through marriage. Though some of the materials in this book may be funny at times, it is meant to minister to you and help you. I hope that you will enjoy reading “Finding Your Rib”.