"On Being God-Beyond Your Life's Purpose

Religion & Spirituality

By Carl Bozeman

Publisher : BookSurge

ABOUT Carl Bozeman

Carl Bozeman
Carl is a modern-day spiritual pioneer and author born in Tacoma, Washington, but has lived in Colorado since 1974. After 32 years of marriage and raising a family of 4 children, Carl left the marriage after a profound transformative event changed the way he viewed his life and the lives  More...


Carl's new book On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose, imparts the message that, beyond any egocentric identity we create in this life, we are first creators of our own experience.

Simply put, we are gods who have taken on human form, not for any other purpose than to experience the abundance of every aspect of human form we possibly can, and that we are already greater than anything we can conceive of with the finite and limited human mind.

Sadly, the ego identity we have created over thousands of years of human evolution has masked over any idea that we are divine from the start. This has created the need for us to look outward to gods created in our own image to rule over and judge us. At the core of Carl's teachings is that:

1)We are gods; not a part of some higher consciousness or the physical incarnation of life forms through which God can experience three dimensional life but real gods in our own right with all the creative power we give to the God “out there” somewhere in the heavens.
2)Three dimensionality has conditioned us to accept, as reality, an illusion that life is what we see it as through our five senses and that anything outside of that is unprovable and therefore unreal.
3)A significant part of the illusion we are conditioned to accept is that there is “sin” in the world. The idea of opposites permeates every aspect of life which throws us into the judgment of that which is good versus that which is evil. Good and evil is a metaphor for the infinite range of possibilities we, as gods, have before us. Sin does not exist as anything other than our conditioning defines it. Gods have no sin!
4) We can rediscover our true nature, our divinity, and see past the illusory life we live and upon discovering our true self we can experience life in a way unimaginable while in the illusory state.
5)Ultimately there is no purpose in life other than to experience every aspect of it and enjoy everything about it whether we consider it good or bad experience. Life is wondrous beyond anything the illusion we live under allows us to see. “On Being God” shatters the illusions which we are all caught up in and awakens us to our true reality. A reality that exceeds our grandest thoughts, dreams or accomplishments and that challenges everything we believe about ourselves.

His is an individual message to everyone that we are our own unique and individual creative center of the universe and that nothing out there will ever end the conflict and suffering experienced the world over.

When we evolve individually to this higher level of knowing, the collective world will follow.

While I have always been a searcher, like most, I was looking for answers that made sense in the time-space reality we live in. I was looking for a magic bullet, a fully explainable formula for all of life’s greatest mysteries. Like all searchers, I read everything I thought would steer me to a comprehensible answer. My search took me into disciplines of science, physics, philosophy, metaphysics, self help, religion, and so much more but answers that met my criteria for being believable were slow in coming. In fact, they didn’t come at all to my satisfaction. I never gave up but I often questioned whether such things could ever be known, let alone understood. What came to me is exactly the opposite of anything I expected or had previously determined would constitute an answer that would leave me without question or doubt. On December 6, 2005 I was visiting three of my children in California. As we always do, we spent time visiting, dining out and going to movies and any number of other things we can squeeze into my visits with them. On that night we had had a late dinner but decided to go to a movie that would not be starting for about an hour and a half. While we waited, my daughter Jana brought out a DVD of the movie “The Secret” which I had never heard of. She compared it to the movie “What the Bleep do We Know” which I had seen so we all agreed to sit and watch while killing some time before having to leave for the movie. I could not stop watching. In fact, going to the movies never came up again as we all watched “The Secret” unfold. I was shaken to my core and pressed upon so powerfully with an awareness, insight, and comprehension that to this day remains inexplicable. With the exception of Denis Waitley and Jack Canfield, I had never heard of any of the other teachers in the movie. I was particularly taken in by Esther Hicks and couldn’t believe that I had never heard of the “Teachings of Abraham” she had supposedly authored. Later I realized she was a channel and that the teachings were not about the biblical Abraham as I thought they were. Who were these people and how was it possible that in all the reading I had done over so many years I had not come upon them? Equally perplexing about the way this came to me is that in the growing awareness sweeping over me, I recognized that I had always known these truths but I also knew so much more. Not just about the Law of Attraction as taught in “The Secret” but the infinite and divine nature of man and that what we see and believe in this reality is such a small part of what and who we are. How could it be that I somehow knew this all along? It was as if all the cells of my body suddenly woke up and made every part of me buzz with awareness. That’s all I can say about it. I was overwhelmed. All the reading, pondering, and searching for answers in the contexts of religion, science, and philosophy came into sharp focus for me, a clarity that I knew I had always known. I know it sounds funny but it was like waking up from an amnesiac state with the full recall of everything previously lost. Sudden and profound, it was all there—a knowing at a cellular, if not a quantum level. I could not stop the waves of pulsating, vibrating energy that poured over me. I was simply swept up in something wonderful that to this day I find difficult to explain.

Be prepared to reconsider your commonly held beliefs about your life and the realities that you thought you knew. Consider the possibility that there may be much more essence to your existence than you ever thought possible. "On Being God: Beyond Your Life's Purpose" is a captivating read that challenges many traditionally held religious beliefs and presents a thought-provoking case for self-awareness and personal empowerment. Author, Carl Bozeman, demonstrates a true passion for spirituality as he takes the concepts and teachings of `Law of Attraction' to an entirely new level in his amazing literary debut.

Intriguing, enlightening, mesmerizing, and enthralling...are just some of the words that describe this inimitable work