By Leslie Musoko

Publisher : Authorhouse


ABOUT Leslie Musoko

Leslie Musoko
Leslie Musoko is the author of the novels Divinity Dawns and ELI. His television debut came in 2007 as a speaker/panelist on CSPAN television in New York on the show ‘writing from an international perspective’. However before fulfilling his dream of becoming a writer he simultaneously  More...



‘ELI means ‘My God’ and is taking from the Holy Bible in the words ‘ELI, ELI lama sabathani’. ELI is a spiritual book and the second in a trilogy that begun with the book Divinity Dawns. It is partly an autobiography with the names of the characters in the book altered. It is set in Riyadh, Dublin, Bahrain, Brisbane, Sao Paolo, London, Lisbon, New York, Douala, Basel, Geneva and Shenzhen.  

Eli is the second book in a trilogy that began five years ago with the book Divinity Dawns. It follows the journey of the hero Cephas as he discards his past and travels to Saudi Arabia in pursuit of his inheritance. Things are not as they appear to be for Cephas as he soon discovers. He is at the fringes of uncertainty in his personal life and relationship. Broken and despondent, camaraderie and his faith in God are his only hope for survival in the Kingdom. His Christian faith is put to the test in a vibrant Muslim community compounded by the instability of the war in the Middle East. However his odyssey into the Kingdom is only the beginning of a mysterious path that is waiting to be unraveled. This path begins in the shape of Salem, Cephas’s great grandfather allowing him no choice but to relive moments of his ancestors existence. Salem’s life is espied in the late 19th and early 20th century during the settling of the first Basel missionary in West Africa. His story is related delving into a period when the first settlers of Christianity moved into Africa at the height of slavery. Salem’s journey is pursued from his origins as a pagan to his acceptance of Christianity and indoctrination as a priest in Basel, Switzerland. There is further enlightenment to the mystery when he finally relinquishes his mantle of faith down generations to finally be received by Cephas. With the main pieces of the puzzle now in place the scene is set in the Far East for Cephas to fulfill the ultimate mission that emblems the word Eli as had always been his desire from the beginning. His inheritance and his ancestry through Salem are all the foundation he needs to build upon unveiling some of the mysteries behind the scriptures of the Holy Bible. Cephas takes upon a spiritual body and becomes a guide in the busy streets of Shenzhen, China where he unravels parts of the scriptures that have remained a mystery for centuries. After this, Cephas moves to the outskirts of the Athens where he sets the scene to the introduction for a grand finale in the third book of the trilogy.