Dimensions of Genesis

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By Danielle Quinlan-Lee

Publisher : Aethereal Publishing

ABOUT Danielle Quinlan-Lee

Danielle Quinlan-Lee
I live happily in Central Alberta with my husband and two children. Always fascinated with the paranormal, I enjoy the occasional ghost hunt and collecting any ghost stories along the way.Published in several ezines and magazines such as Women of Esoterica and TAPS.



What if you're not who you think you are? When Lily discovers she's the reincarnation of Earth's most infamous soul, Hell comes calling.

Lily Donovan is being stalked by evil entities that desire her soul. Unknowingly the reincarnation of a famous spirit, she is plagued by dark creatures that invade her dreams.

Following a tragic accident, Lily is trapped in purgatory; where she discovers more about herself as a ghost than she did while she was alive.

In the meantime, David Blake denies the afterlife--until the day he dies. To his surprise, not only is there a hereafter--they've been waiting for him.

At the request of elite beings, David is asked to rescue a soul lost in limbo. The spirit in peril harbors an ancient power that will prevent the destruction of Earth. Unexpectedly, David finds that he, too, possesses an undiscovered force brewing within him.

With a mysterious celestial event threatening the Earth, David must find the lost soul. It might have been easy--if the creatures of darkness hadn't found her first.

A unique and philosophical novel that weaves elements of String and Quantum theories into the paranormal storyline.

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