Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brothers Novel: Ian

Romance, Full Books, General Fiction

By Sierra Rose

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Sierra Rose

Sierra Rose
My pen name is Sierra Rose under which I've published a full length paranormal romantic suspense novel, a short action novella, a poetry collection and a cookbook of family recipes.

I live in Eastern rural Ohio with my family, three spoiled cats and a semi-fierce Beagle. I've be More...


Ian Fitzgerald’s entire life is a lie. At eighteen, he’s attending University, has a loving foster family and dreams of becoming an actor. This fantastically normal life comes to a sudden halt when he learns the truth of his life.


From the day he was born he was a part of a prophecy made long ago, a prediction that had other plans for his seemingly normal life. He was to join with his four brothers in overcoming a deeply set malice that threatens to kill the Fitzgerald Five.


Held captive by the evil that tore his outwardly normal life apart, Ian discovers that those closest to him weren’t there by coincidence, but part of a larger plan to destroy the predictions made long before his birth.


Having witnessed his older brother Roarke’s completion of one portion of the prophecy and learning the truth behind the murder of his biological mother and father by the doings of the evil and deadly Sebastian, Ian realizes his fate and becomes active in achieving his destiny, fighting to protect not only his own life, but also the lives of his best friend and love interest.

As the second in this series, Ian's book was unique to write from his perspective as an eighteen finding out so many things in his life were lies. As the author, it was fun to try to incorporate Irish lore as much as possible and still show these brothers as typical siblings as any reader with brothers will understand.