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By Sheila Kilpatrick

Publisher : Self Published through Author House

ABOUT Sheila Kilpatrick

Sheila Kilpatrick
The Anastasia Pickering series was written for everyone who has faced a rainy day.  I believes perplexing or difficult situations can present us with colorful answers if we listen to our inner (fairy) voices.As a breast cancer survivor, I have faced my own showers with the help of loyal f More...


Anastasia Pickering is ALMOST a typical six year old… except that she always runs into rain showers. Now you may think that rain is not fun, but Anastasia’s colorful and magical

showers might just change your mind!


Can be hard to learn, but important to use!

 Patience, the fairy is Anastasia’s ponytail riding, blueberry snitching, invisible friend. She is never far away when Anastasia needs a dose of good advice!

Upon reflection, I realize the story of Anastasia came to me in phases. I remember watching my one and a half year old niece and nephew toddling in and out of the summertime rain showers one day. To them, the rain was similar to a sprinkler and it was a lot of fun. It occurred to me that day that most everything can be viewed from a positive or negative perspective. Most of the time, we don’t enjoy the rain and it drives us indoors. In actuality, it nourishes our planet and without it nothing could live. Certainly that thought did not occur to a couple of children while they played in the sprinkles and marveled at a rainbow when the sun reappeared, but their perspectives opened my eyes and my mind. It was sometime after that day that I created a little girl who always ran into rain showers, but the rain was not a negative. For some reason, the name Anastasia Pickering came to mind and from there, my little girl came to life. I knew she must have a dog (being a big animal lover) and I knew there had to be something a little different about Anastasia. It took several years before my book became a reality. Sometimes life's little surprises can get in the way. I am very happy to share this little girl, her dog Rufus and her very wise fairy, Patience.

Mom's Choice Awards® recipient for excellence in the category of Children's Picture Books, Values and Life Lessons