S A Hunt



Travis Graylark and Audrey Novak wake up amidst the wreckage of a horrible Greyhound crash by the side of the road in the dark forests of Alabama. Isolated and hurt, they make the fateful decision to seek refuge and rescue by hiking to the nearest sign of civilization, the glow of city lights illuminating the midnight clouds over the northern treeline....

Little do they know that what awaits them is a supernatural warzone plunged into an endless shadow, an urban nightmare infested by unspeakable, bloodthirsty creatures, one of whom is Leviathan, a bag-headed, blade-carrying hulking psychopath whose modus operandi seems to be collecting the faces of everyone he finds.

Travis and Audrey find the Sleepers, a small band of survivors making their own last stand against the tide of darkness, but does their salvation lie with them or with Travis himself, who seems to harbor some incredible secret linking him to the town in intimate, disturbing ways. Part surrealistic sci-fi odyssey, part slasher-flick escape, part psychological creeper, Dime was inspired by movies like The Ring and Friday the 13th, and video games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
Reviews from Authonomy.com:

A well written read that cranks the tension with every new paragraph. Characters and dialogue sits well against a cracking fizzing plot that keeps the adrenalin rushing. Shelved.

I cheated. I read a couple of chapters and then jumped to chapters 10, 11, 12. My cell phone rang and I literally jumped completely out of my skin. Thanks for the spook! Your writing flows. I felt like I was watching it! Great job. Backed.

I said I'd get back with some thought, so here goes -
It had the feel of a Silent Hill game to it, which I really like. A kind of survival horror book. I read a lot of horror, and there's not much of it that's actually any good. This is, though. This is really good.
I'm going to stop shy of giving you a big head. It was well worth the shelf time. If you'd get any more points for another shelving, I'd do it.
Honestly, I don't know if this will make it to the top, because I think this site is skewed in favour of lit fiction, but personally, I'd buy it.
OK, going to stop now. I read to chapter five, enjoyed every minute of it.
I'm leaving it there, but I'm keeping it in my WL because I fully intend to come back to it.
Best of luck,

I read the last two chapters and was totally drawn in although I had no idea what in the hell was going on. Chapter 16 was absolutely great. You have a wonderful way of describing a scene that brings the reader right into the story. I need to go back and read the other chapters, but this is really well done. You had me from whore pretended to writhe in ecstasy to Andy died screaming.

This is a fine piece of work, Declan. I'm into it right away. Very cinematic. The makings of a classic piece of southern redneck horror? Anyway, I'm getting drawn into it. W/Led it and yep, I'm a-gonna back it. The dialogue is sharp and the characters back stories look set to be very interesting before the action pulls me in. 'DIME?' Worth more than a fistful of dollars more like

I love books that make me feel so on edge as this. It's like some sort of secret pleasure; I can't stand it but I can't stop it either. Your writing is very visual and engaging, which adds to the tension. Very well done, and one destined for success.