Doom's Wing: Legend of Tellam

General Fiction

By Temitayo Ilori

Publisher : Tylor Business Home

Doom's Wing: Legend of Tellam

ABOUT Temitayo Ilori

Temitayo Ilori
Temitayo Ilori is a young and passionate Nigerian.  An environmental biology graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.  He is an author and an entrepreneur. He is also a social reformation and enlightening teacher and speaker. Now he is focusing solely on making his debut fan More...



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The Legend of Tellam is a title of the Doom’s Wing series. It is a fictional epic tale about a boy Tellam and his odysseys through life. It is about his search for the answers about his life; the mystery of his birth and his family.
The book is made up of a short story and some poems that are part of the central story. The story is spun like a web; string by string until you get the complete picture. The characterization and the milieu of the book are elegantly drawn and comes in full circle. 

A fantasy book thrives on creativity. The creation of a milieu that is totally fictitious and surreal; a creation of a mode of life, that is magical and not in existence in the real world. A fantasy book like the Tolkien’s Lord of the rings pays a lot of attention to the creation of a place that doesn’t exist giving it a culture and making it ring true.

The book is primarily a fantasy book, but different themes exist in the book: love, Justice, Adventure, and magic. The book was original in its own right. Not a cliché of a fantasy novel. The type where you create a world and put witches and magic and just string them together to bring a familiar tale that closely resembles a book already done before.

If you are a fan of fantasy novels; adore books by Tolkien, Neil Gaiman. You would definitely enjoy this. Even if you don’t like fantasy books or have never read one before you won’t regret reading this. The story is spun like a lyrical poem.

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Doom’s Wing is a social re-construct project. A book that was written to re-introduce, re-emphasize and re-educate our society about some fundamental values that are now lacking in the system.These values are packaged in the form of fiction so it will be fun to learn, easy to understand and bear lasting impact as the reader constantly remembers the story and the characters.
Also a product like Doom’s Wing is well packaged in terms of the story, the language and the fictional setting to encourage better reading culture in our society.

The Doom's Wing(Legend of Tellam)is a fictional Epic Novel about Tellam,the mystery of his birth and his torturing journey through life searching for answers that brought more complications and suspense..Its a suspense filled...oops, adventure filled...sorry,its a mystery filled novel with lots of adventure and suspense..THE MORE YOU KNOW THE MORE YOU WISH YOU DIDN'T...