Critical Murder

General Fiction

By Hodgson Peter

Publisher : Pneuma Springs Publishing

Critical Murder

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Hodgson Peter


"A dirty bomb explodes amidst an anti-war protest in North London. Severe injuries, caused by toxic fumes from a uranic compound used in the bomb, put Britain's security services on high alert.
Tara Drake is an attractive highly trained agent. She is promoted into a special unit of MI5's anti-terrorist branch. When suspicion falls on an extremist group called The Amama, Drake is assigned the job of helping her colleagues track down the mastermind behind the attack.
Over 200 miles away in Cumbria, DI Dave Perry finally escapes his lethargy when a call takes him to a grisly crime scene in Glenmar Forest. The bizarre, brutal murder of a nuclear plant worker has no obvious motive. The only clue - writing on the soles of the victim's feet - steers Perry's investigation in two directions. Criticised by his superior, Perry follows his intuition in a desperate search for answers.
As more tragic events unfold, Perry is forced into a confrontation against a formidable foe and his fight for survival is played out to its shattering climax."