A matter of Life & Death

Religion & Spirituality, Christian Books

By Yomi Akinpelu

Publisher : Pneuma Springs Publishing

A matter of Life & Death

ABOUT Yomi Akinpelu

Yomi Akinpelu


"A Little rudder controls a massive ocean liner, a small spark  sets ablaze a vast forest. The gulf between the two worlds of life and death is a tiny bridge called the tongue.
Do words really matter that much? You can find out in this book.

In a world where words are used idly, this book brings a penetrating insight and vital reminder of the impact of our words.

The message contained in these pages may appear basic, but it will change your life if you allow it.

In this book you will discover how you can utilise the power of words to establish God's purpose for your life. You will also find out:

How to use God's words as building blocks for your life.
How to speak to your mountains.
How to use faith filled words for effective prayer.
How to use God's word as seed for a good harvest.

and much more......."