Covenant of Lies The Untold Truth

Christian Books, Family & Relationships, General Fiction

By Holly Spence

Publisher : Monarch Publications, LLC

ABOUT Holly Spence

Holly Spence
With a passion to know, learn and live God’s Word. My wife has been anointed by God to deliver His Word to His people.   A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Holly is a graduate from the School of Creative and Performing Arts in which she majored in Drama, Technical Theatre Management and Vo More...



Carl Richardson and Henry McFinley are second generation childhood friends who married their high school sweet hearts and best friends Jessica Richardson and Stephanie McFinley. The couples have been practically inseparable for over twenty years, weathering many relational storms. However, a riveting twist of lies and deceit not only threatens the covenant of marriage of both the McFinley and Richardson’s, but their children who have grown up like brother and sister who are maturing and attracted to one another. Follow the lives of these characters as their self created web of lies unravels in The Covenant of Lies The Untold Truth.


This is my first fiction and first release in a trilogy. This book came about after writing a funny but very serious stage production "STOP! You're Killing Me". The fiction creative juices were flowing and this is a product of that journey. Enjoy!

“…sometime when you start to read a book, you can not get into it for the first two or three chapters.  Then as I was reading I thought, do I know these people?  This is like church folks, we have to go eat somewhere after church.  Then as I read on this is everyday life.  People in the church are losing jobs, hurting, and hiding the pain.  The lies need to be exposed…  And the way you stop it…”  Girl, write on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                    A. Morris


“I really enjoyed the book and read it the same night I purchased it. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop because I had to know what happened next.  It was exciting and emotional and I can’t wait for the sequel!”


T. Smoot


“The book was a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Full of suspense, laughs, tears and pure joy. The story lines are believable and the characters seemed to be living their lives in front of your very eyes.  Families whose lives are connected in more ways than one.  Chasing wealth and materialistic gain all in the midst of their weekly Sunday routines (hmm! can’t wait to see if it’s real or just going through the motions).


Their life fuelled by the affects of lust and deception certainly keeps your attention.  The life lessons they will have to endure are the ones that will destroy or strengthen families and friendships.  Boundaries are definitely crossed and how these families survive will be a testament of their faith. 


Congrats!!!!    Hurry with part two, your fans are waiting...”


                                                                                    M. Moore


Your book was great!! I really enjoyed reading it .......... actually I read it in two days couldn't put it down for too long. NOW, you left me on the edge when is the sequel coming out!!


E. Oliver


“…an excellent, gripping, edge of your seat, suspense drama. The untold truth of the secret lives behind the praise, watch out for the skeletons in the closet one of them bones might just hit you!”


K. Willis


“I enjoyed the book very much.  The description of each character, I felt the emotions of Marcie & Selma they were my favorite characters in the book.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting to get back to them. I found myself reading the book every chance I got, I even ran my car battery down while I was sitting in the car.....You'll get the bill.”


                                                                                    S. Barnes



"Covenant of Lies" is so good I was afraid of loosing my job because once I started reading it I didn't want to stop! So don't start reading it at work!”


                                                                                    W. Strong



“The book was very good. It had you from the beginning. You wondered what Henry and Jessica were hiding. Calvin, Selma and Marcie kept you reading. The end was fantastic. I want more and more.”

                                                                                    J. Mitchell


“I really enjoyed your book. It was very exciting! I didn’t want to part from it. It felt like I knew the characters and  it left me wanting more!”


                                                                                    A. Hoskins