Mystery & Thrillers

By J.L. Campbell

Publisher : Nevaeh Publishing

ABOUT J.L. Campbell

J.L. Campbell
I live in Jamaica, where I'm always on the lookout for story-making material for my Romantic Suspense and Young Adult Novels.  I also write short stories and articles on the craft of writing.

I work in the sport of golf, do some cake-decorating when I'm in the mood, and try to More...



Contraband - a tale of greed, betrayal, loss, and redemption.

Set on the fictional island of Xantrope, Contraband follows the adventures of drug runner, Paul Weekes, who does whatever is necessary to survive.   On the fast but illegal road to riches, a trusted ally betrays him and his life spirals into chaos.

The complications extend to his love life, and he falls into a web of extortion, kidnapping, and murder. Weekes is forced to make a choice between trafficking in illicit drugs and keeping his loved ones alive. 

Ever so often, I hear about drug-runners in the news and wonder what motivates them to do what they do for a living. That started me thinking 'What if"? Contraband is the result of that line of thinking.