Shadow People: Quickening of the Wicked

ABOUT Cindy Jackson

Cindy Jackson
Co-author of the SHADOW PEOPLE trilogy.

The first novel, SHADOW PEOPLE: Quickening of the Wicked is available through Amazon and Amazon Kindle. The eBook can be ordered through our website,

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A dark and potent apparition born of human fear spawns more of its kind from the souls of those it massacres. Its newborn shadow specters impulsively possess humans, mutating them into savage, murdering zombies. 

The story alternates between three individuals in cities far removed and in lives most dissimilar. As each of them comes face to face with the world's ever-increasing zombie population, they seek physically and spiritually to find each other. For collectively, if they can find the strength and the will to survive, they share one destiny. 

Grace, 19, clings to the hope of the reality of a mystical man who once came to her during her time of fire and dreams and promised to return for her. However, her time in this world may not be long endured.

Lily, a sightless 5 year old, finds herself alone, lost, and hunted by unspeakable terror in a cold and forbidding forest. Her only hope of surviving even a few more hours is Grace who is two hundred miles away and has yet to realize the little girl is real. 

Aeden, 397, with an air of majesty and the countenance of a rock star is eternally youthful, and moves at the speed of thought. He alone carries the ability to destroy the shadows at will and his method is so simplistic it is startling. With power beyond imagining, Aeden, in our real world, is possible.

"Their writing is bold and unafraid to attract readers of all audiences, whether it be fans of vampiric romance, zombie-blasting survivalism, or those with an interest in metaphysics. Stephens and Jackson do not disappoint with this timeless tale of light vs. darkness with a contemporary twist."     - Karina Alvarado Woody’s Books


"You won’t be able to put it down. Every page promises excitement and adventure. Every character inspires empathy, and invites the reader to join them on their quest."     - Nick Abreu Pro Media



"With its stellar detail and build up, SHADOW PEOPLE has some truly intense moments of terror, and some real passionate moments of hope. SHADOW PEOPLE: Quickening of the Wicked is story telling at its finest. It is a dark, majestic tale that has something for every reader to enjoy."     - Jentry D. Alexander  House of J Productions