The Tao of It

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S.J. Peaceman McGuire
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Inspired by the ancient, eastern philosophical work The Tao Te Ching, written by Lao Tzu in the sixth century B.C., this twist on ‘it’ brings the Tao home to the western mind in a whimsical, contemplative way that expresses the concepts of the Tao, capitalizing on English idiomatic expressions containing ‘it’.
Reminiscent of The Tao of Pooh, its simplicity and easy going way make this compelling work enjoyable as well as spiritually uplifting to audiences of all ages.  After reading this, you’ll never look at ‘it’ in the same way, again.

it just came to me so I wrote it down, then I illustrated it. Now I'm trying to get it published. Meanwhile, I've got it here and I hope you like it and if you do I really hope you come and buy it :-)

...I recommend McGuire's "The Tao of It" as insightful, funny and wise. It never fails to delight me, as it is both profound and disarmingly simple - one of those books you return to again and again. I've also found it to be a wonderful gift, down to earth yet inspiring. Part of the beauty of "The Tao of It" is that McGuire surprises us - with the truth found in the everyday simple phrases of our life."

S. Page

"... a rousing cheer for Peaceman’s “The Tao Of It”. The entire book really is Peaceman’s marvelous approach to life. He shows It: keenly-viewed, curiously connected, and crisply expressed - it’s a modern-eye shaman’s prism, refracting different aspects of our world, and – to me – is a truthfully playful, wryly humorous, deeply touching, gracefully irreverent book. It’s impossible to actually read, as the plot is so vastly widespread and inescapably vague, and the only character is “It” - well, I can only retain about a page at a time, tops.

However, I find that it is amazing how, in “The Tao Of It”, various themes weave continuously throughout, chapter after chapter, and just how very close to home some of his lines (passages?) can land. Some softly; some with quite a bit of force. It’s a sort of Book of

Fortunes or a Seer’s Almanac or maybe a Cosmic Social Etiquette Guide..."

T. Chapman