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By Bobby Lit

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Bobby Lit
Dear Reader,"Boxing is in my blood, in my veins and it is a sport which has taught me so much in terms of grasping that sometimes all elusive work-life balance. Overall confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, mental and physical well-being and much more has been obtained through th More...


"Something in us does not allow us to accept defeat.... and not to accept defeat is the triumph of life"

The Last Champion
is about Ronnie, a young Asian man brought up in a quaint English town called Talkcheese. After barely leaving his teens he finally comes to realize that he is destined to pursue his ultimate dream in the hazardous world of professional boxing, striving to become the "The greatest Asian heavyweight boxing champion of the world". Not everyone has the fire-power, resilience, patience, stoutness character and guts to believe in their own dreams. When others are against his aspirations, Ronnie has the motivation, belief, self-discipline and conviction to keep his vision alive and kicking, or more appropriately punching. Abstract and intuitive intelligence comes naturally to him, he is unusually perceptive and highly sensitive. The clash of right and wrong pervades the battlefield of his mind as the guiding metaphor for his ambition. He is completely hooked on the gladiator of all sports with single-minded zeal and passion.

It is written in Ronnie's destiny that success won't kiss his feet easily. A young man who has never thought about his future in conventional terms, he learns to survive a gruelling journey of life's ups and downs lined with a bountiful share of street brawls, underground fighting and then the "making it happen" opportunity to get noticed in the boxing world. On his way up, he literally experiences buckets of blood, sweat and tears, searching deep in his heart and soul to prove his detractors wrong. What makes his ambition more difficult and almost impossible to achieve is the fact that Ronnie isn't black or white: he is Asian. In the entire history of heavyweight boxing, there has never ever been an Asian champion in this dinosaur of weight categories... YET! Could it be Ronnie who claims the richest prize in sport: does he have the mettle, skill, grit and determination to be the first heavyweight champion representing the vast Asian communities in this noble art? The biggest fight of his life, the championship in Las Vegas is now due...So!

"Ladies & Gentlemen....let's get ready to TUUMBLE! Prepare yourselves for an explosive and shocking knock-out of an ending to this moving chronicle and unfolding drama of life"






Dear Reader, I wrote this book because I wanted to inspire and empower the FIRST ASIAN HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. You see, no-one as ever accomplished this particular feat YET, represented by any of the vast Asian communities. The 'Heavyweight Boxing Division have only had black or white champions, but has never witnessed an 'ASIAN' heavyweight boxer achieving this prestigious belt/s ie WBC, WBA, WBO etc. Which is quite simply the 'Richest Prize in Sport'. So, I conceived this idea and decided to pen my debut novel and successfully published it on December 14th 2006 for the world to observe and digest the rollercoaster ride of the 'Protagonist' 'Ronnie TLC Singh' and his personal 'One Man Dream' journey to reach the dizzy heights of this noble art, Boxing. One day, I hope that the World will witness 'THE FIRST ASIAN HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD in 'REALITY' as well as my encouraging and supporting works of fiction, about this extraordinary feat that is YET to be accomplished. Come on guys, whether, you are Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Bengali, Gujurati, or from any other Asian community, I would say...'GO FOR IT'...FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Big Respect! Bobby.

By L. Chada  
This is an amazing book . Adjectives like absorbing and inspiring do not do it justice at all. The characters are wonderfully interwoven with each other and the trials and tribulations that are experienced by Ronnie are felt deeply by the reader . It's not easy to put this book down ......the reader is led up and down many alleys with not knowing to expect next . A highly recommended read for all ages with plenty of food for inspirational thought

By Mrs. Sandra Cullinane 06-11-2007
This is a warning - make sure you clear your diary before you pick up this book because you won't be able to put it down! The characters are fascinating and believable, the story is powerful and as Ronnies story unfolds we feel the highs and the lows with him. I defy anyone not to enjoy this book.

By kevlo "kevlo  
An excellent read, the author really went to great lengths to research for this book. I liked the way he went in to the deep recesses of each characters mind. Looking forward to read his next book.

By Festus Akins (London UK) 20-04-2007
I really enjoyed this book right from the start. Straight away I got drawn in with the Authors indepth description of Ronnie and his relationships with family, friends and others, combined with great insight into these various colorful characters and their struggle with internal conflicts, I quickly got absored in Ronnie's world

The book is well written and very easy to read. The characters backgrounds and settings are so vivid. They come alive. Characters perspectives in free verse and poetry reflecting moral simplicity and clarity add a whole new dimension to the book.

The changes in cultural differences over time are also touched upon briefly, giving just enough insight and a real portrayal of East / west culture and historical idiosyncacies.

It's an inspiring book about life, family, sport and ambition, with just the right sprinkling of humour and life philosophy, a fascinating read and definate recommendation for people of all ages, backgrounds and interest.

By Bhavesh Vaghela

When I first started reading this book i was unable to put it down. Bobby Lit has truly made a book suitable for anyone, and I guarantee anyone who does read this book will love it. I am 16 and when I showed this book to my friends, they read the first chapter and all decided to buy the book for themselves There are many different genres in the book and throughout there are many different events happening which always keep you wanting to read to see how Ronnie can overcome it. Ronnie's journey really open's your eyes and makes you appreciate what you have. I had a lot of fun reading this book and I hope anyone else who decide to read it also has a lot of fun. I really hope to when Bobby Lit's movie is made, because I know it'll be great like the book.

By Raza's Review  
I finished reading the book at 1:45pm on 05.03.07. It took me approx 2 months to read due to family commitments but my journey of reading the book was one of excitement, curiousity, shock, a learning curve, a bit of a reality check & a strong feeling of the power of the relationships described in a very powerful way by Bobby Lit. As you start from the beginning to the end, several events occur which sometimes shock you & are not expected but I always felt that all the characters were so real as if I was living next door to them & watching them everyday. The author has given such as powerful message in the book in every chapter which would be great for children as they will definelty learn from it, in fact so will many adults. Ronnie is the ideal son, brother, friend, colleague & lover & has a beautiful meaning of life. His way of thinking makes you realise that everything in life can be achieved in the right & legal way as long there is determination in you, and it doesn't matter how long it takes. The description of the boxing match was excellent and I felt like I was sitting in the boxing arena in Las Vegas & watching it right in front of me. My favourite and most beautiful character was Amrit Kaur. Once you read the book you feel, how can one person suffer so much in silence & still give the motivation & support to her children, every time they need her. Thats the beauty of being a mother as the love is unconditional !!! Overall a wonderful read especially the last few chapters which will twist & turn in so many ways that you'll want to carry on reading until you don't finish. I highly recommend you to read this book. The beauty of the book is that it is for all ages. A book that you'll learn from, feel from, make you laugh and cry & keep you excited thoroughout the journey !! Have a great read like I did !!! Ruby Raza

By Rizwan Caan 07-02-2008


The Last Champion is Pan-Asian in approach and very tenderly, lovingly and carefully handles the Asian Diaspora. It is a celebration of life where all the characters face their own personal struggles and challenges while growing through the years of time. Even the minor characters have been delineated with great craftsmanship and act as catalysts in developing the unique character of the protagonist. Being surrounded by incidental characters who are not perfect brings out the most beautiful, adorable and humane qualities of Ronnie's persona.

By Pat Jenkin‘s 03-11-2008
As one starts reading this absorbing novel the unique multi-cultural writing style effortlessly takes over your senses. Be it the wide ranging sentiments evoked by the saga of a broken Asian family, a love story between two young souls that transgresses the limits of voluptuous physicality into blissful fairytale companionship, or the intriguing and mysterious cut-throat world of Professional Heavyweight Boxing. The Last Champion delivers a powerful precisely timed punch to not only the boxing enthusiast, but to many other types of individuals across the globe: ordinary and extraordinary people who will be inspired by Ronnie's story.

By Azeem Khan 09-07-2008
Bobby Lit has written a startling account of the inner world of boxing, and I can recommend this to other readers. The characters are beautifully drawn, and some of the situations in the narrative are so compelling that I found it hard to put the story down. Ronnie's journey is colourful and insightful, and one really roots for him, once the politics of his family and its unique Asian dilemmas kick in. For anyone looking for an inside look into Asian culture, or for an insight into boxing, this book will be rewarding. I look forward to the movie of this book!

By Gerry Cunningham 03-12-2008
Hi Bobby Iam really impressed with your web site, This site has made me even more interested in working somehow with you, Look forward to reading the book,and meeting up, Take care! Best wishes! Gerry {the snooker nut}

By River George 08-12-2008
hey is wicked xxxx

By Jag Sodhi 01-01-2009
Hey Bobby, It's great to see progress with TLC and that an ebook has been added. Congratulations on the adaptation of the novel as I've been checking the site regularly and looks wicked and see your working on a new project aswell! Take care and Happy Holidays!

By Julia Armstrong 16-12-2008
Bobby is a man of energy and real heart. He loves all he does and his book, ‘The Last Champion’ is written with the energy of inspiration and a desire for everyone to reach for the stars and find out that they are within reach. He is generous of spirit and his book reflects his nature and his wish that people dare to commit to their own lives find out how to express themselves fully.