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By Dave Rhodes



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Dave Rhodes



The first sci fi book of the Humble Giants series - Destiny.

The year is 2084, and life on Earth (and beyond) is vastly different from the world of the past. Thanks to Dr. Herman Lear, a computer scientist, the field of artificial intelligence has been greatly advanced, and there are now robots that think millions of times faster than humans.
What will happen, however, when Dr. Lear manages to create a robot with its own free will! Is it possible this being may use that free will to rebel against an oppressive government? Or even against all humankind? Has Dr. Lear gone too far?

I wrote the first book here called Destiny as my very first novel. The second and third book of this series have been written and published. I had the Destiny, orion, Alien story in me for several years as I work in the computer industry and am amazed every day of the advances of both the hardware and the software. I remember many years ago as a young boy in the early sixties. Always interested in electronics, we had vacuum tubes to play with and then transistors. I remember a conversation with a friend who had the same interests. We talked about how to get the computer smaller and if one would ever be small enough to be in a home. Computers at that time took up entire blocks. At that time we designed a computer that came down to about the size of a tank. LOL Then came the later sixties and the first or nor and gates in silicon and then the transistor made it on the basic silicon wafers. All I can say is that wow, the next years and today is so far from that time and technology. I have been on the cutting edge ever since and what a ride! I can't imagine how the kids today will reflect back and view the ancient technology of their youth. Destiny does capture where the human race may go and the Humble Giants book series reflect the entire human race and how it fits in the universe. Another note on Destiny is that I wrote most of it while flying and in airports. On the forth book. I was waiting at a terminal and was writing and focusing on the book, All of the people got up and loaded in front of me and when they closed the door I looked up. the plane had already left. Guess that's how much I like writing!