Birthing the Lucifer Star

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Donna Bartley

Publisher : Authorhouse

ABOUT Donna Bartley

donna bartley
I am an ezine author, content author and perpetual short story writer, you can find me at blogger and hubpages every sunday, I write a column Scifi Sundays with the Hipriestess, and I am announcing the release of my newest novel, Birthing the Lucifer Star.  Please go to scrib'd to read my More...



Do We hear the call?? In our everyday reality, the great spirit calls us to redeem ourselves and those around us from the ruler of this world.  If you heard the call, what would you choose.  For many are called, but few are chosen.  Those who hear and answer the call do so to the peril of their very soul.  Follow the woman of the wilderness and the hero, a great warrior of the first nation, as they risk life and limb to redeem first themselves then all of turtle island...

The book's synopsis is a tale of a Jewish woman who receives a special stone and wanders turtle island to discover it's secrets.