Ousia/ A Black Substance

Arts, Photography & Design

By Bhaskar Hande

Publisher : Artimediair

ABOUT Bhaskar Hande

Bhaskar Hande
The Hague NL-based poet  painter sculptor and printmaker  Bhaskar Handé was born in India in 1957 in the village of Umbraj District Pune, Maharashtra state. Along with his versatile interest in Arts and literature he is contributing in field of publishing books on poetry, Arts and  More...


The concept developed in my mind while travelling through Europe and India with the project “Show Your Hope”. What would I do with thousands and thousands of images taken during the journey? As I pondered over this idea of ‘A Black Substance’ I read some Western philosophy. My curiosity and interest grew in a wide range of subjects. Since I’ve been writing poems, painting, drawing and sculpting, I realized that I’ve been a very meditative person all my life. Actually, I lived my life ignoring some of the facts and practices involved in modern-day meditation. But I focused on various subjects that have occupied me over the years and imaginatively pursued their development. I found some way of working with images and produced the visuals that reflect the philosophies I’m concerned with here.