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By Malinda Mitchell

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Malinda Mitchell
Malinda Mitchell is married to her husband Alton, has four grown children, a fifteen-year-old son, and eight grandchildren. She has been writing fiction for all ages for more than¬†forty years. Among her books and Amazon Shorts, Malinda was also¬†published in the summer issue 2008 and spri More...



After being abused in the foster care system for nine years, 16 year old Pamela Reager steals a horse and runs away. Hiding in the mountains of Tennessee, she discovers that her horse, Helper, has many extraordinary gifts. Her plan is to stay in isolation until she turns 18. However, Helper leads other people into her life on the mountain. Even though she makes some questionable choices based on her experience as an abused child, she learns valuable lessons. She also finds love that she never imagined possible for anyone, especially herself.

This is a story that will inspire young people who have been in abusive situations. They will be able to see how Pamela overcomes her emotional baggage to become a well-adjusted adult who is able to love and be loved.

Young Adults, 11 and older

I wrote this book to helper children to know that they can overcome obstacles and grow up to be well-adjusted adults.

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Pamela Reager was only seven years old when her parents were killed by a drunk driver. She lived in a foster home for the next 9 years. She was abused by her foster mother along with the 4 other children living in the home. She ran away when she was sixteen. She made her escape with the help of a book and a palomino horse named Helper.

She took refuge in a cabin on top of a mountain in Tennessee. The cabin was perfect for her. It was as though someone had set it up just for her. She hoped to live there until she turned 18. Helper had extraordinary gifts. He brought her food and other items she would need to survive. One day a young boy arrived at her door. Trenton lived down the mountain.They became friends. Trenton helped her out with groceries, laundry, and feeding Helper. Helper led her to a car accident where she found 6 year old Craig Bonswell. His parents were killed in the wreck.

This is a wonderful,heartwarming story that takes a disturbing situation and turns it into something beautiful. This book is light fantasy. It was beautifully written and difficult to put down. I highly recommend this book for all teens and young adults.