Touch of Cancer

Health, Mind & Body

By Jean Charity

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT Jean Charity

Jean Charity
Jean was born and bred in the UK where she lived most of her life until she retired to The Balearic Islands following the death of her dogs - two Maltese bitches called Trudie & Caisha, and who were the loves of her life. It is here that she found the time to begin writing seriou More...



Touch of cancer is the inspiring story of how one woman has coped with the onset of a disease that many fear.

Jean Charity, originally from Derby in the United Kingdom but now residing in Spain covers the subject in her own inimitable style. While many would find little to find humourous in such a potentially, serious disease, Jean has succeeded in striking a happy balance between the many funny situations she found herself in and the more serious aspects of her treatment.

One in three people living in the United Kingdom will statistically, at some point in their lives, contract cancer and therefore it is a subject which should be of interest to one and all.

Cancer does not recognize age, colour creed or sex. It attacks indiscriminately and its onset can strike fear into the bravest hearts.

Marvel therefore at how the author has managed to turn a potentially maudlin and depressing subject into an easy read but nevertheless heart warming and inspiring.
What a superb book this is. As it states on the rear cover, 1 in 3 of us will suffer from this disease at some point in our lives, even if we haven't been affected ourselves, most people know of someone, be it a friend, neighbour or colleague who has the disease. While a lot of books on the subject can be melancholy in nature, the author has succeeded in treating the subject with due respect but at the same time adding her fabulous sense of humour into it's pages,. You will have to buy a copy yourself, which I highly recommend, to see what I mean. The book mainly deals with the sometimes taboo subject of side effects from the actual treatment the patient receives, and while the author does not shirk from the realities, it is truly amazing how she has introduced several laugh out loud situations, making the book rather unique, and a worthwhile investment of anyone's £7.95. Buy it, you'll be glad you did.