The Broken

General Fiction

By James Miles

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT James Miles

James Miles
A born again Christian hailing from Nottingham in the U.K., James Miles first developed his urge to write a novel from watching the works of Stephen King on T.V. when his childhood dreams of a career in pugilism were abandoned in favour of his taking up the pen.   By the time he was 14 h More...



“The Broken” is a touching, moving story of a teenager’s inner conflicts as he battles to come to terms with past abuse and bereavement.  

The story of Jack is written with great insight into the psychological workings of a young man’s mind, and as the reader follows his moods, and sometimes quite violent behaviour, one cannot help but feel a growing empathy for this confused and angry young man.   With very authentic character portrayal this novel holds the interest and compels one to keep turning the pages until the end.    When the protagonist falls deeply in love the question arises as to whether the added emotional involvement will
serve to stabilize him or merely cause him to finally go over the edge.

Thought-provoking; containing romance, mental illness, and adventure, it is cleverly compiled to hold the interest throughout and has the added bonus of some excellent descriptive passages.  It is informative and daring, written with the modern reader in mind, and whilst of great appeal to the
younger element, has much to recommend it to the more traditional reader.

This new Author is one to watch out for and follow in the future.  He is currently working on his next book – a horror/thriller under the Title of “The Reaper”.