Tomorrows Children Legend of the Ells

Children's Books

By J.T. Wheeling

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT J.T. Wheeling

J.T. Wheeling
From his early education in Edinburgh (Scotland U.K.) followed by various courses in economic, law and accountancy in Glasgow, and after the interruption of his National Service in BAOR, J T Wheeling undertook training with a Merchant Bank in London before returning to Glasgow.   After 2 More...


In this exhilarating futuristic tale of adventure and mystery, the Author takes us into a different world full of new ideas and technology incorporated within a highly imaginative modern story yet encompassing the type of magic and wizardry to be found in Harry Potter; the suspense and awe of the James Bond era; and the odd touch of pantomime.

Setting out on a thrilling journey involving situations steeped in suspense, our young protagonist, Yani, finds himself involved not only in seemingly insurmountable difficulties and dangers, powerful  influences, and heretofore unimagined dilemmas, but also the blossoming of his personal development  as he experiences the stirrings of first love.

The situations in which he finds himself are examples of courage overcoming adversity, convincingly catalogued by the author.  The scenes highlighting the training of the youngsters are particularly thought-provoking and inciting.

This story, interspersed with some beautiful scenic descriptions, is the first of a Trilogy entitled “Legend of the Ells” and proves without doubt the Author’s prowess with a pen.