Gay & Lesbian, Humor, Romance

By Kelli Jae Baeli

Publisher : Lesbian Literati Press

ABOUT Kelli Jae Baeli

Kelli Jae Baeli
Kelli Jae Baeli began writing as a child, exploring poetry and journaling, and eventually moving on to short stories. After a romantic fling in the military with another female soldier, she decided to write a book based on the experience. The story that evolved took on a life of it's own,  More...



Brenna Clay, a quirky bisexual author, escapes with her lover to the remote Ozark area of Hogscald. Brenna easily becomes distracted by the machinations of her proposed utopia--a place where Mother Nature is not always nurturing, and her nearest neighbor lives in a treehouse and thinks she's been inseminated by aliens. As an added bit of entertainment, the Bubba's have out their binoculars, and are watching from the knoll, having never seen a real, live "Lezbean Homo-Sek-shul."

Meanwhile, Micah Rose Royce lives in Eureka Springs and works as a masseuse. Fresh off a prolonged disability, she is anxious to feel human again, but has difficulty getting started. Micah's social life almost magically increases, yet she finds the choices fraught with peril. Things are complicated by her tendency to give in to her sexual appetite. She trudges through the exasperating and often comical dating scene in real life and on the Internet, still desperately searching for a suitable partner.

"Plethora is a Southern Gothic lesbian hybrid filled with interesting and quirky characters and ribald humor."
~Kindred Ink Writer's Initiative
"Erotic, funny, thought-provoking and insightful."
~LightSwitcher Books

Inspired (and perhaps chagrined ) by my dating experiences as a lesbian in the South, I decided it was time to write a book about that. I borrowed heavily both from my own life and background, and from the environment I was in at the time, a little tourist village called Eureka Springs, in the Ozarks. Most of the names were changed to protect the guilty.

5.0 out of 5 stars
An absolutely beautiful love story about women...,
If you are a woman - lesbian, straight, or in-between - you owe it to yourself to read this beautiful love story about women. Or, even if you're man seeking to understand the nature of women, this book is a great place to start.
Though the story focuses on two particular women, it also speaks to the universal nature of women to want to give and receive love, to be cherished for who we are by another human being, and to share a nurturing life-long commitment with another human being. This story is about the quest of two wonderfully resilient women to find a relationship that includes all of these things. It's just a beautifully told love story about the unique and intimate experience of being a woman. The characters reminded me of my own friends, and even of myself. The events and situations, good and bad, happy and sad, were equally indentifiable. As I read this book, I felt as if I were sitting in a cafe with a female friend having a conversation about our lives while sipping on our mocha lattes. In the end, as I closed the book, I was sad to leave this fictional world which I understood so completely and in which I was so comfortable. But more than that, I felt satisfied and proud to be the "plethora" that is Woman.
~Tanya Gotcher,
Little Rock, AR

Kelli, you've done it again! This book is quirky, entertaining and funny, actually hilarious in parts. I found myself reading out parts to my partner. You made the characters feel like friends, I felt like I was there with them. Once again, I cant wait to read another of your novels.
~Jo Cincotta