The Death Venturers

General Fiction

By David Nutt

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT David Nutt

David Nutt
David Nutt has published over fifteen short stories, one hundred poems as well as numerous literary articles & editorials in literary magazines, and one-act plays.

As a semi-professional artist, David has sold many works privately and at exhibitions and auctions, he has also More...


To the uninitiated, Industrial Services (I.S.)  is a business advice and advertising company, but secretly it deals in industrial espionage, using deep-cover agents with a license to kill. Rumour has it that I.S. even has ties with M.I.5 and M.I.6...

Gang leader Chuck Chalmers is henchman to a tycoon whose interference is a threat to I.S. An elaborate and tightly synchronised plan to frame him needs the expertise of two of I.S.’s best agents: Roger Castle and Helen Wall. The pair go undercover, masquerading as husband and wife in order to spy on Chuck Chalmers. However, Roger and Helen are instantly attracted to each other and the masquerade soon becomes real. Their emotional involvement tests their ability to remain professional under pressure. A cat and mouse game follows, with assassin chasing assassin, and dangerous errors threatening the agents’ very survival.

Who is the hunter and who the doomed prey...?

In all his years as a hitman and industrial spy, Roger Castle has never been in such close confrontation with an adversary. And never before has he looked into the smiling face of death.

After the success of THE DEADLY CONNIVANCE David was keen to write a spy thriller that kept readers turning the pages. In this elegant cat-and-mouse spy game, two secret agents struggle to keep their personal lives separate from their work... and meanwhile there's a killer on the prowl.