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Darcia Helle
I write because the characters in my head leave me no alternative. All of my books are available on my website - http://www.QuietFuryBooks.com - as well as Amazon, Smashwords, Sony's Reader store and Barnes and Noble.


Driven by grief, Michael Sykora started his life of killing in a blind rage. But then it became something he was good at. Even something he...liked.

To most who know him, Michael is a software designer, a smart—but average—workaholic. To a chosen few, Michael is something else: a part-time hit man whose specialty is eliminating hard-core criminals.

When Nicki, a close friend, finds herself in trouble, Michael steps in. Having lost his fiancée to a brutal crime, Michael will do anything to keep from losing another woman in his life.

Michael Sykora has managed to keep his two personas separate. Until now.

An average, unsuspecting software designer, Michael goes into a blind rage when his lover is raped and strangled. When he eventually learns the identity of her attacker, he takes it upon himself to ensure that the degenerate never hurts another innocent soul; however, Michael isn't prepared for the tremendous sense of redemptive satisfaction that follows his vigilant act, which eventually leads him to become "The Ghost," a self-appointed Angel Of Death determined to clean up the "messes" often left behind by the flawed criminal justice system.

So when a sinister figure threatens to kill Nicki, a close friend of his, Michael kicks his efforts into high gear, refusing to let another person that he truly cares about suffer the same fate as his murdered lover; however, this time Michael is dealing with a whole new breed of lowlifes - and the success of his quest is all but assured...

A riveting, fast-paced thriller, No Justice draws you in from the very beginning and refuses to let you go until long after you've read the final page. In masterful fashion, author Darcia Helle takes you on a suspenseful journey of nonstop action, complete with vivid characters and compelling plotlines designed to keep you turning page after page in rapt anticipation. Furthermore, regardless of how he may seem, Michael is far from simple and predictable, and Helle succeeds in making him a flawed hero to whom readers of all ages will surely relate - particularly anyone who has suffered a grievous loss and sought the retribution that the criminal justice system failed to provide.

The debut installment in the Michael Sykora series, No Justice is a highly recommended, can't-miss suspense thriller guaranteed to leave readers on edge for the sequel.

Renee Washburn
Apex Reviews