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Darcia Helle
I write because the characters in my head leave me no alternative. All of my books are available on my website - http://www.QuietFuryBooks.com - as well as Amazon, Smashwords, Sony's Reader store and Barnes and Noble.


Sanity is not something you lose, like your car keys or that elusive sock in the dryer. That's what Ian believed before his mother stepped over the edge from sane to crazy.

No one is able to give Ian a reasonable explanation. Corinne suffers from severe memory loss, odd behavior, and paranoid delusions. Or at least Ian had been told they were delusions. After all, who would be hiding outside watching his mother? And why?

Ian hires private investigator Lucianna Martel to retrace the events of his mother's last sane day. During Lucianna's investigation, she and Ian learn that Corinne may not be so crazy after all.

One woman's journey into insanity, as her mind struggles to process something too horrible to contemplate; a son's battle to rescue his mother from the abyss; and a female private detective's venture into the twilight zone. The truth is buried in the lies as these people discover that not all evil is born that way; some of it is man-made.

When Corinne suddenly - and literally - goes crazy one day, her son, Ian, hires a private investigator to learn the cause of her rapid descent into dementia. After all, mental illness doesn't run in their family, and she appeared healthy, happy, and sane just days before her sudden psychotic break. So, given the unexpected onset of her paranoid delusions and odd behavior, Ian has more than enough reason to be suspicious regarding precisely what led to it all.

What the investigator ultimately discovers, though, is much, much more than Ian could ever have suspected, and as he learns more about the true source of Corinne's breakdown, he becomes enmeshed in a twisted ensemble of hidden plots and subplots that endanger not only his mother's life - but his as well. As he watches it all unfold before him, Ian eventually realizes that perhaps Corinne is not as crazy as he originally thought...

Darcia Helle has crafted a sure-fire winner with Hit List. Rife with compelling plotlines and superbly crafted characters, Helle's engrossing tale is a top notch addition to the world of suspense thrillers. Moving at a fast, but steady pace, the action in Hit List is peppered with just enough surprising plot twists to ensure that the reader stays on his/her toes and maintains the highest level of interest throughout. Furthermore, Helle's expert usage of dialogue lends an incomparable sense of authenticity to the tale, giving the reader a genuine vicarious look into the lives and adventures of the various heroes and villains of the story.

Enlightening and entertaining, Hit List is an enjoyable, highly satisfying read. A recommended literary treat.

Renee Washburn
Apex Reviews