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Kelli Jae Baeli
Kelli Jae Baeli began writing as a child, exploring poetry and journaling, and eventually moving on to short stories. After a romantic fling in the military with another female soldier, she decided to write a book based on the experience. The story that evolved took on a life of it's own,  More...


During Hurricane Katrina, Patriarch Dominic Fontaine meets his freakish demise—the rubble of his “hurricane-proof” mansion all around him—and no one suspects that a vengeful woman came to kill him.

In the aftermath, the secrets held in a safe deposit box spur the Fontaine offspring into a journey of enlightenment and self- discovery as their lives converge with strangers, and the mystery of synchronicity takes over.

This was my second mainstream book. I wanted to explore the dynamics of family and challenge, and how even the most overwhelming situations can cause growth and understanding, allowing people to emerge stronger and more loving on the other side of that challenge.

Enthralled August 16, 2011

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Living in Texas I've met many refugees from Katrina and experienced Rita first hand. I was thrilled to see Jae capture the 'feel' of the hurricane whilst telling a thrilling tale. I read this one through the night. Nice job. Keep it up!