Rejuvenate Your Life! 21 Days to Feel Like a Woman Again

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Inez Bracy
Radio and TV personality Inez Bracy, Lifestyle Transitions Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner is a weekly career expert on the Fox 4 Morning Blend TV show and host of her own radio show Living Smart and Well.Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days to Feel Like a More...


How I Went from Frustration and Discontent to Thriving, Feeling like a Goddess and Totally Connected to My Soul

Attention: Women entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, professionals who desire to feel like a woman again.

Every day I get calls from women around the world and they share with me how they are frustrated because they are at a crossroads.  They are in new situations and they just don’t know what to do.  Whether single, divorced, widowed, unemployed, entrepreneur the list goes on. Because it is new, they don’t know what to do or how to cope with it very well.  They’re using OLD strategies for NEW situations and they’re stuck!

What if by devoting just six minutes a day you could OWN the golden key that opens the door to not just coping but thriving in any situation?



Every day, as women we set out to create a better life, a better career or better...  Sometimes we're successful but far too often we fail because we simply allow old ways of behaving to intrude.  What if by devoting just six minutes a day you could significantly improve your life?




Many books promise to help you change your life but fall short because they focus on only one thing.  This book is different; it is a holistic guide to the practical, everyday actions you use to improve your life in record time.


The many demands on you leave little time for thinking about yourself.  Having great relationships in your business and personal life ought not to be left to chance.  Identify specific core areas in your life and then use this step-by-step process to keep you focused so you can reinvent, rejuvenate and reframe your life. 


Google%u2019s CEO, Eric Schmidt says %u201CEveryone needs a coach.%u201D  The world's top athletes all have coaches who help them focus on specific areas of their game to create consistent and ongoing improvement.  This book helps you focus on those issues that have the greatest impact on helping you significantly improve your relationships in your personal and business life.  Written to improve your life without disrupting it, Rejuvenate Your Life isn't for everyone-- it's just for you.

Climbing the corporate ladder and making it in a 'man's' world has caused many women to smother their feminine energy to be successful in the workplace. We've discovered that it's okay to allow our femininity to show if we could only just uncover it. This book is a system for empowering women to uncover their feminine energy, unveil their goddess and feel like a woman. Feeling like a woman does not diminish women; it empowers them to step boldly into their greatness to create a joy filled life.

When I was young, I planned to change the boardroom.  Instead, the boardroom changed me.  I lost touch with myself and my essence.  Like many other baby boomer women, I had gone up the corporate ladders so fast that I had forgotten what it was like to feel like a woman.  Then Inez Bracy changed my life.  Her book gave me a practical way of working, day by day, toward a new appreciation of myself.  Thank you, Inez, for helping me to rediscover my essence and feel like a woman again.

Linda Sacha, Voice Over Specialist
Author, Queen for a Day