Eye of the Dragonfly

Children's Books

By Londis Carpenter

Publisher : Londis Carpenter

ABOUT Londis Carpenter

Londis Carpenter
I try to arrange words in poems like an artist applies colors or a musician places notes to shape music.  I want my poems to have a life distinctly their own and to outlive me.

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The story of a boy who chases a dragonfly and makes an amazing discovery

This story poem is a combination of fact and fiction. It was inspired when my grandson, Justin, had a school project to collect a few insects and ask my help identifying them. When I looked at the darner I saw this incredible eye and placed it under the microscope for a better look. I was spellbound by what I saw. Even under magnification it looked exactly like a human eye. I wrote the poem and liked it so well I felt it needed to be illustrated. Justin and I collected a massive amount of insects later and had a great time learning about them. Most of our collection hads been donated to schools and libraries. Some were sold on Ebay.