"Just call me...Rita" Book 1984


JD Rosy
JD Rosy was born in Toronto and raised in its suburbs. She attended business school, studied computers and did office work for 25 years. This series grew out of a ninth-grade English assignment in which the students were asked to keep a daily journal. Rosy continued writing the journals More...



“Just call me...Rita” BOOK 1984 Who could be so careless as to lose their diaries in a park of all places? Who could be so callous as to find and print them for anyone to read? Planning and scheming, quite the squalid lifestyle to be ashamed of. If you think this is another “once upon a time?” Bah-bye. If you’re expecting a sugarcoated memoir, check the next aisle over. If you want reality in it’s most raw, potent form, then take a peek inside the life of a lecherous, dissipated twenty-year old. Come see what makes Rita, a buxom, brunette tick. Read all about a life of relentless debauchery in the 80's. Follow her sordid journey from Toronto to Los Angeles . Yah, trust me, there’s never a dull moment.