La Chanson D' Amour


By TC McKinney

Publisher : Createspace


TC McKinney
  My Name is TC McKinney and I am an Author and Poet with multi talent in different fields. I am not only an Author and Poet but also an editor, formatter, website designer, marketer, video editor etc. I am into creative Arts of all kind including Art, Music, Crafts, Poetry etc. My life  More...


La Chanson D' Amour is french in origin and means "Love Song" This book is a collection of love sonnets from the author himself. Inspired by his wife, this book is perfect for those who wish to express there love but have no words of expression. To the Romantic at heart, may this book be for you a light to guide your words in bestowal to your loved one. A perfect present for New Years, Christmas and Valentines to show how much you love them.

This book was inspired by my wife Lisa McKinney. I thought of many way how to express my love but nothing seemed to feel right. Then the idea was to create a book of love Sonnet/Poems for her to express my deepest thoughts about her. I created this book for the purpose of those romantics who wish to find the words they wish to say to there lovers but never could aloud. For the men to appreciate there women in everyway and take care of that woman as she takes care of you.