The Animal King'd Words of Wisdom

Children's Books

By Rosie Pova

Publisher : PublishAmerica

The Animal King'd Words of Wisdom

ABOUT Rosie Pova

Rosie Pova
  Rosie Pova is a mother of three,  living in Dallas, Texas. Born in Bulgaria in 1975, Rosie started writing in her early adolescent years and she has always had a passion for creativity, taking on different projects. Since becoming a mom, Rosie has turned her focus on writing children More...



The peaceful life in the forest is disturbed one day when something very unusual happens-a dispute starts among all the animals over the title of “the best”. Everyone thinks that they deserve to be named the best as they present their special qualities before the others. But after days of continuous arguments, they find themselves unable to resolve the issue and then turn to the Animal King for a decision.  But surprisingly to all, the King declares that no one is the best. He then explains that everyone is different and special in their own way. Each one of them has their unique talent that makes them shine so it is important to appreciate and respect each other.