The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle

Children's Books

By Dan Bodenstein

Publisher : Totem Tales Publishing

ABOUT Dan Bodenstein

Dan Bodenstein
I am a web developer and nature photographer. While photographing a rescued sea turtle, I was inspired to write a book about here. That was the spark that started The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle. I have several other stories currently in the works.


Based on the true story of a loggerhead sea turtle name Eartha, this enchanted tale tells the story of a young sea turtle who finds help in the last place she expected. Through colorful imagery it helps children learn how important it is to help animals who become injured due to man's negligence.

After visiting the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach Florida, I made a new friend. A recently rescued young loggerhead sea turtle named Eartha. She loved having her picture taken and followed me in her tank, as I'd move around it. I visited her several times, and was there to witness her release back to the sea. She inspired me to write a book to help children realize the dangers of polluting our oceans, and how they can help to protect these beautiful sea turtles.

"Dan Bodenstein tells a fact-based story with a contemporary moral that inspires empathy and closes with a happy and hopeful ending. He aims at younger children and scores using the simple, brilliantly colored, yet skillfully anthropomorphic illustrations of Brian C. Krumm. Shouldn't the "Gold Standard" in pre-school children's books be bestowed on those a child need not read to understand? This little jewel of a book qualifies. Your children will love Eartha even if they don't know her name."