The Little Big Thinkers: A Collection of Children's Stories

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By Patrick Davy

Publisher : Vantage Press, Inc.

ABOUT Patrick Davy

Patrick Davy
Patrick A. Davy is the author of The Little Big Thinkers: A Collection of Children’s Stories and The Will to Win, a novel about a young woman’s determination to start her own family despite the obstacles that get in her way.  Davy is currently working on his next children’s book – More...



When young Josh starts the summer holidays, he is put in charge of taking care of the family's animals.  However, he never thought it would be such a big project.  With a big storm on the way, can Josh and his sister, Ann, work together to rescue the animals from harm?
 What happens when Rupert's friends find out that such a great soccer, cricket, and track star cannot swim?  Will Stan help the police find the bully who stole from a young girl in Central Park?
 Patrick A. Davy has delivered a diverting new collection of eight stories for young readers.  With delightful characters showing courage and determination, THE LITTLE BIG THINKERS is sure to be a favorite among children and adults.

I prepared to write the stories for The Little Big Thinkers by studying the actions of my two sons when they were ten and thirteen years old. From observing them in action, I have learned there is nothing little about children choosing right over wrong, bravery over cowardice and success over failure. Besides my children, most of the kids I have met reminded me of skilled circus performers who dazzle their audiences with acts no one thought were possible. Meeting these talented and courageous kids has inspired me to describe their actions through fiction. For example, a boy in one of the stories in The Little Big Thinkers uses quick thinking to trap a burglar in a basement. In another story, a boy, his sister, and friend also use their creative thinking skills to stop a mischievous kid from frightening the community people at night. I not only studied my sons’ and other kids’ behaviors in preparing to write these stories, I drew on my own childhood experiences in Norway, a small community in Jamaica, West Indies. I have done different types of writings over the years, but writing for children is the most enjoyable of all. I found children to be a rich source of characters, dialogues, and conflicts to develop, portray, and resolve in stories. Although the tales in The Little Big Thinkers are about children, some adults might also enjoy reading them. This is especially true of the adults who select books for kids and like reading to them. I think many grown-ups (I am one of them) would agree that learning from and about kids never stops. Get your copy or copies today and start your reading-journey through this action-packed world of young protagonists (the leading characters) and antagonists (the characters opposing the leading characters). As you fall in and out of love with the characters, I hope you have as much fun reading about them as I have had writing about them.

Story time is a valuable time between parent and child for bonding.  "The Little Big Thinkers" is a collection of eight simple stories ideal for bed time reading.  The contents of the tales touch on encouraging children to think for creative and clever ways to solve the problems life throws at them.  Educational, entertaining, and tailored perfectly for its intended audiences, "The Little Big Thinkers" is a strong choice for children's fiction collections.
The Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch: October 2008

This book is an exceptional book for not only kids but adults.  As I was reading this book, I pictured myself as a kid again.  I also pictured myself reading this book to young children.  The stories have you asking for more.  Some of the stories keep you in suspense wondering what’s going to happen next.  I recommend this book for not only kids but adults too.  You surely wont be disappointed.  Great job.
K. Rai, Elmont, New York

Patrick A. Davy has delivered a diverting new collection of eight stories for young readers....The Little Big Thinkers is sure to be a favorite among children and adults.
Vantage Press, Inc., Publisher.