Brand Stand: seven steps to thought leadership

ABOUT Craig Badings

Craig Badings
My name is Craig Badings and I have spent the past 21 years consulting to small and large brands about their public relations challenges. It has only been over the last four years that I have developed a deep interest and fascination with the topic, thought leadership.Why? Because not only More...


The traditional market channels of public relations, marketing and advertising are being challenged more than ever before. Brand Stand: seven steps to thought leadership is the first book of its kind to outline a methodology, START IP, that provides companies and individuals with a step-by-step process to arriving at a thought leadership position and then how to take it to market. It is a practical approach to thought leadership told by 20 year veteran of the PR industry, Craig Badings in which he outlines how companies can:

·        Take the lead in their industry

·         Differentiate themselves from the competition

·        Position their business relevantly now and into the foreseeable future

Brand Stand:  Seven Steps to Thought Leadership is being hailed by brand experts as the modern-day bible on thought leadership and brand positioning . It is a must-have for any PR practitioner or business leader wanting their brand to flourish now and in the long-term.

I first fell in love with thought leadership four years ago when I witnessed first hand its power and the incredible brand leverage it offers companies. Since then I have spent years researching the topic, writing the book and now blogging weekly at It was during the research phase that it occurred to me while there was lots written about how to take your thought leadership campaign to market there was virtually nothing that offered a practical way, a methodology on how to arrive at a thought leadership position in the first place. As a result I came up with the START IP model which is explained in detail in the book. Like anything in life, the more you learn the more you realize you don't know. So my quest to understand the power of thought leadership continues and as a result I love hearing from people about their thoughts on the topic at my blog - please visit and share your thoughts.