The Will to Win


By Patrick Davy

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Patrick Davy

Patrick Davy
Patrick A. Davy is the author of The Little Big Thinkers: A Collection of Children’s Stories and The Will to Win, a novel about a young woman’s determination to start her own family despite the obstacles that get in her way.  Davy is currently working on his next children’s book – More...



Bonita Stickles is a college senior who decides to start searching for a man to marry and for whom to have a child.  With her still living with her preacher father and missionary mother, there are many moral standards and religious principles that she must uphold.  Upholding her beliefs is difficult for her to do since her beliefs conflict with how she thinks she should carry herself to attract a man.  She forces herself to disregard her beliefs and dresses to attract the man she hopes will become her husband and baby's father.
Soon, her problems start to range from an unplanned pregnancy to feeling the effects of the war in Iraq.  She also experiences the uncertainties of becoming pregnant and having a second child.  However, each problem gives her more empetus to continue reaching her goals.

I write this book after several weeks of thinking about how much people’s lives can change because of the decisions they make. After knowing what my story-focus would be, I decide to write about Bonita Stickles. I choose Bonita as the lead character after remembering the true story of a woman who tried, to no avail, to become pregnant after already having a child. The woman’s problems worsen because she is late in finding the man she wants to marry and for whom she wants to have a child. Like the real-life woman, Bonita does not have much time left to reach her goals. With the many problems and obstacles that get in her way, the readers may ask, “will she ever get what she wants?” Therefore, one of the highlights of this story is the importance of making the right decisions early and often. Whether it is a parent planning for her child’s education, a mother teaching her daughter the family business, or a teacher preparing her students for an exam, the decisions to reach desired goals should be made on time to get the maximum desired results. All the complications in Bonita’s life are not the results of other people’s actions. Her own actions and decisions contribute to her difficulties. However, she is not willing to let life’s challenges and failings distract her from going after what she wants. This story brings to mind two types of people who I will call goers and stoppers. The stoppers give up after their first attempts to achieve their goals fail. The goers, on the other hand, keep reaching for their goals despite the obstacles and problems that get in their ways. In Bonita’s case, the problems that threaten to stop her from finding a husband and having a baby do not faze her. In fact, the challenges she faces strengthen her and make her more determined to achieve her goals. Those who can only imagine what Bonita experiences will learn how to stay focus and determine in the face of adversities. Therefore, one of the aims of The Will to Win is to be an inspirational and a motivational tool for those who face challenges and hindrances when pursuing their goals. So, read on and get ready to leave the crowd of stoppers and join the multitude of goers.