Whiskey Pike

General Fiction

By Jeff Phillips

Publisher : The Igloo Oven Publishing Project

ABOUT Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips
Jeff Phillips lives in Chicago, IL. ┬áIn 2006 he co-founded Three Leaves Productions with Daniel Mac Rae and set to work shooting a short film, Growing Out of Us, which Phillips co-wrote and acted in. They went on to shoot The Antimonk, Terra Incognita, and The Principles. They have also p More...



Shane Bowermaster reaps the land and sells his crop of barley to sustain the family pastime and habit, whiskey. Inspired to try his hand at brewing the beverage of choice, a new trade consumes the Bowermaster family, leading them down a path toward one wild and wicked toast.

A Bedtime Story for the Drinking Mankind.

I had the gut feeling one day that it wasn't just children that enjoyed bedtime illustrated books, but there was also a drinking mankind out there that would savor a different sort of imaginary nightcap. -Jeff Phillips

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