I Only Laugh When It Hurts: A Collection of Hard and Hilarious Lessons

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By Daniel Foxx

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT Daniel Foxx

Daniel Foxx
Daniel Foxx is a professor emeritus of history at Ottawa University in Phoenix and has taught at East Carolina University and Glendale Community College. Foxx is the co-author of Nathan Bedford Forrest: In Search of the Enigma, published by Pelican. The biography received the 2008 Arizona  More...



Some lessons stay with you and others bear repeating. Daniel Foxx is reminded of this lesson when he reminisces about his childhood. Growing up in 1940s South Carolina, Foxx lived in innocence during a time when such a thing was treasured. Many of his memories include typical childhood activities for that time: gazing endlessly at floating clouds and watching baseball games through a knothole. Other experiences in the 1940s were not as carefree. There were neighbors whose sons did not return from the war, fearful trips to the dentist, and dreaded small pox vaccinations. In relaying events, Foxx reveals that the secret to maturity is not only learning from life, but also looking back at the trying times with a touch of humor. A generation later, his children enjoy the conveniences of technological advancement. It has become clear to Foxx that even as the world changes, the essence of things remain timeless. Children still find joy in the new experiences of a class field trip, the safe haven of boyhood fantasies, and the confidence of youthful logic. Kids are a link to all the consistencies in life and often serve as a window into the past. Foxx's collection of essays portrays a bittersweet portrait of American life, and as he looks back on his boyhood with a historian's eye, relating the lessons that he learned to his children, he realizes that sometimes laughter lightens heavy moments.