Clovis Crawfish and Michelle Mantis

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By Mary Alice Fontenot

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Clovis Crawfish and Michelle Mantis

ABOUT Mary Alice Fontenot

Mary Alice Fontenot
Mary Alice Fontenot is best known as the children's author on Cajun culture. She created the famous wetland characters of Clovis Crawfish and his friends more than thirty years ago-and they still find exciting new adventures. Mrs. Fontenot, who worked as a newspaperwoman for thirty-five ye More...



Clovis Crawfish and all his friends return in a new bayou tale. Michelle Mantis, an ugly old insect with an enormous appetite, visits the swamp home of Clovis and his friends. Her voracious appetite alarms Clovis's friends, as Michelle eats and eats until she can scarcely move. But when Michelle tumbles into the mud, Clovis must rally the other swamp creatures to help. The book includes a song with lyrics in English and French, and a pronunciation guide for Cajun expressions. The colorful illustrations by Scott Blazek bring all the bayou denizens to life. With a combined total of 56,000 copies in print, the nine books chronicling the adventures of Clovis Crawfish are perennial favorites in Louisiana and elsewhere.