William Aiken Walker: Southern Genre Painter

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By Roulhac Toldeano

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

William Aiken Walker: Southern Genre Painter

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Roulhac Toldeano
Roulhac B. Toledano is a native of New Orleans and graduate of Tulane University. She is an authority on the city's architecture and has contributed to volumes II, IV, V, and VI of the New Orleans Architecture Series, published by Pelican. In 1997, she received the American Institute of Ar More...



Born in South Carolina in 1838, William Aiken Walker remains one of the South's most gifted and treasured artists. Though mostly known for his breathtaking depictions of black Southerners following the Civil War, he is also recognized for his lush and vivid landscapes that capture the eye and the imagination. After serving in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, Walker traveled throughout the South to sell his paintings to tourists in areas such as New Orleans, Charleston, and cities across Georgia. In those years, he created the most extensive record of black life of the period and permanently influenced art in the South. With ninety-nine color illustrations and sixty-three black-and-white paintings and drawings, William Aiken Walker is a remarkable documentary of Walker's life as an artist and as a man. First published in 1972, this book is now presented by Pelican in a stunning new edition that includes scores of color photographs not used in the previous edition.