Buddy Stall's Louisiana Potpourri

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By Gaspar Stall

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Buddy Stall's Louisiana Potpourri

ABOUT Gaspar Stall

Gaspar Stall
Of Gaspar "Buddy" Stall, New Orleans Magazine wrote, "Stall isn't your run-of-the-mill history buff. . . . He speaks with the fervor of a preacher, tells a few jokes like a stand-up comedian, adds a lot of unknown history of New Orleans." Stall also is the author of Buddy Stall's Louisiana More...



This latest labor of love from one of the undisputed authorities on New Orleans and Louisiana history is sure to pique the interest of natives and visitors alike. Buddy Stall's Louisiana Potpourri is jam-packed with little-known facts about Louisiana: its inhabitants, plantations, weather, word origins, and-of course-its loads of lagniappe. In this entertaining and educational book, readers will often find themselves saying, "I didn't know that." Stall takes readers back millions of years, when giant whales, sharks, and snakes inhabited what is now central Louisiana. From there he tells of the first inhabitants, when they arrived and from where they came-this will surely surprise you. A chapter entitled "Potpourri" reveals a plethora of interesting facts, such as the world's smallest church and its largest sawmill-both located in Louisiana. According to Stall, a positive attitude and a good sense of humor are Louisianians' greatest assets: "The state's citizens have learned well the lessons whereby they accept every lemon that comes their way. They do not despair-they have learned to squeeze the thing and simply make lemonade." The author has digested volumes of information on Louisiana and presents it all here in concise, understandable, stimulating, and often amusing fashion. Stall, one of the most sought-after speakers in the state, is vice-president of public relations for Radiofone, a cellular communications company. Widely regarded as the voice of New Orleans, Stall has an affection for Louisiana and its people that is ever present in this book. He is also the author of Mardi Gras and Bacchus: Something Old, Something New and Buddy Stall's New Orleans , both published by Pelican