The Balanced Innovator

Business, Money & Investing

By Robert Carter

Publisher : Wheatmark

ABOUT Robert Carter

Robert Carter
Author, poet, public speaker and innovator. The Balanced Innovator and From Salford to Tucson and Back are available now. New novel, 'The Magic Eye' is coming out soon


"Why do we consistently lose business to our competitors?"

"Why is our creativity stifled?"

"We seem to be on the threshold of something great . . . so why can't we get there?"

If you have ever asked any of these questions, here's the good news: solutions exist, and they aren't as difficult as you may think. The Balanced Innovator: Turning Ideas into Reality shows you how you can take your organization to the next level.

  • Hurdling the barriers that get in your way
  • Taking the customer seriously
  • Making the competition irrelevant
  • Enabling more creativity

Providing the missing link between right-brain creativity and left-brain discipline, Robert Carter shares personal experiences that you will be able to relate to and practical advice that you will be able to apply to your everyday challenges. Even more exciting, the ideas and principles are easy to understand and use. The Balanced Innovator bridges the gap between what is and what should be.

“The Balanced Innovator will guide your organization to understand the forces that drive, shape, and hinder innovation within your company structure.  By following the principles within this book your company will be restructured to find unprecedented success within the competitive landscape.” - Brian Weir, New Business Lead - Cutting Edge Communications.


"The Balanced Innovator has many applications besides innovation.  I assessed my own What, How, Why Balance and made a bold but exciting career move that I would have probably ignored otherwise.  I recommend the Balanced Innovator to anybody who wants to improve their own personal performance and/or the performance of their organizations." - Christina Mercer -Raytheon Six Sigma, Lead Strategic Expert (Black Belt).


“The Balanced Innovator concept is a wonderful approach in managing complex projects within a diverse workforce environment, not to mention everyday life.  These concepts could help millions of people and hundreds, maybe thousands of organizations achieve unprecedented levels of success.” - Jim Rayburn - President, International Contracts Management Associates