Clovis Crawfish and the Spinning Spider/Clovis Crawfish and the Curious Crapaud CD

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By Mary Alice Fontenot

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Clovis Crawfish and the Spinning Spider/Clovis Crawfish and the Curious Crapaud CD

ABOUT Mary Alice Fontenot

Mary Alice Fontenot
Mary Alice Fontenot is best known as the children's author on Cajun culture. She created the famous wetland characters of Clovis Crawfish and his friends more than thirty years ago-and they still find exciting new adventures. Mrs. Fontenot, who worked as a newspaperwoman for thirty-five ye More...



Clovis Crawfish and his pals return for another adventure on the Louisiana bayou with this French/English bilingual CD. In Clovis Crawfish and the Spinning Spider, Simone Spider threatens the peaceful region by building her silver web near Clovis's mud house. The bayou friends watch helplessly as Simone puts the finishing touches on her sticky web. When a soft autumn breeze blows little Josette June Bug down to the bayou, she gets tangled in Simone's lair. Will she be able to fend off the hungry Simone until Clovis and his friends can rescue her? In the adventure of Clovis Crawfish and the Curious Crapaud, nature plays its mysterious games, and Clovis and his friends learn to appreciate it and each other a little better. Corinne Crapaud is Fernand Frog's shy cousin. She can only say a few words, and they're all question words. "Qui?" (Who?), "Quoi?" (What?), and "Pourquoi?" (Why?) are three of her favorites. Fernand Frog insists that his cousin Corinne is ugly and stupid, but instead of crying or arguing, Corinne puffs up and gets bigger and bigger. When the rain causes Clovis's mud house to start melting, Corinne is puffed up so large that she gets caught in the hole, and only friendship can save her.