Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 5

Excerpts & Samples

By Paul Daley

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 5

ABOUT Paul Daley

Paul Daley
Paul Daley is the author of Links Golf: The Inside Story, which was the second-place winner for the USGA's Golf Book of the Year Award. He is a member of several organizations, including the U.S.-based Tillinghast Association, the Golf Society of Australia, Australian Golf Writers Associat More...



The golf course is a work of art, plush with beauty and functionality. When the two elements combine, the result is nothing short of magnificent. The international who's who in golf architecture explores the many facets of the craft while delving into the world's most breathtaking models. Illustrated with crisp photographs and professional sketches, this collection of essays expresses the necessity for detailed scrutiny in every design. Determining the layout of a course is an undertaking that requires an artistic flair and love of sport, combined with the genius of an engineer. Stunning photography of rolling greens, pristine skylines, and menacing sand traps compliment this international journey. An exhibition of the world's greatest golf course designs spans a distance from Weihai Point in China to the Machrihanish Dunes in Scotland. Stops along the way include the Sand Valley Golf Club in Poland, the Yarram Golf Club in Australia, and the California Golf Club of San Francisco. Each club carries a distinction that is expounded upon in depth by experts in the field. Thirty-seven of the top names in golf and golf architecture discuss their philosophies of design. Ian Scott-Taylor reports on a growing trend of six-hole courses designed for senior citizens, while Kevin Kenney, owner of a golf-learning center in Tampa, Florida, provides an interesting perspective on depression golf. The design cost of a project is essential and often determines how and when a course is restored, upgraded, or remodeled. Of course the green is a second home to those with a love for the game, and every inch is treated with the loving detail of a gifted craftsman.