The Magic Eye

Children's Books

By Robert Carter

Publisher : Lulu

ABOUT Robert Carter

Robert Carter
Author, poet, public speaker and innovator. The Balanced Innovator and From Salford to Tucson and Back are available now. New novel, 'The Magic Eye' is coming out soon



The Magic Eye is the first in a series of adventures for Melie and her best friend John. It combines olde worlde magic with modern technology in a fresh and new way. It is suitable for all age groups where parents and children can enjoy the magical adventures together.
Melie is a special child in many ways. Her ancestors were amongst the last generation of wizards to inhabit the earth and she was born with magical abilities not seen on the earth for fifteen centuries. John is also a special child. He was born with Down's Syndrome. Although he doesn't possess the same magical abilities, he is the only one of Melie's friends who can see things beyond the naked eye.
The Magic Eye shows how Melie discovers her magic and how she first uses it to fend off the evil advances of Faranella, the high priestess whose ambitions include ruling the earth and all who live there.
The Magic Eye will be available from the end of March 2009