Wee Scot Book Songs and Stories, The

Excerpts & Samples

By Aileen Campbell

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Wee Scot Book Songs and Stories, The

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Aileen Campbell



A compilation of Scottish lullabies and folktales, this companion disc to The Wee Scot Book invites children the world over to discover a country with a unique heritage, a faraway land that is home to wailing bagpipes, roaming sheep, and stone castles. This narration allows children to hear the words and music that they could otherwise only imagine. With this harmonious collection of poems, children will learn the backgrounds of classic Scottish nursery rhymes like Wee Willie Winkie as they read along with the narrator and enjoy the accompanying songs. Delightful melodies on Songs and Stories from the Wee Scot Book include Amazing Grace on pipes, and the stories A Scottish Hallowe'en and Balavil Story are featured. Narrated by Aileen Campbell, the compiler and illustrator of Pelican's The Wee Scot Book, this CD reflects the songs and stories she learned as a child in the Scottish Highlands. Art fascinated Campbell as she was growing up, and she was greatly influenced by J. Pittendrigh Macgillivray, the king's appointed limner, or royal painter, for Scotland. She has now retired to Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, where her love of art still finds expression. The Performers Aileen Campbell o Voice and Dulcimer o Narration: Three Craws Linda Rice-Johnston o Voice: Baloo Baleerie, Wee Willie Winkie, Three Craws, The Campbells Are Comin', Coulter's Candy Madeline MacNeil o Voice: Dream Angus, Lea Rig, Land of Heart's Desire, When the Kye Comes Home, Birds at the Fairy Fulling, Skye Boat Song, Kishmul's Galley, A Fairy Lullaby, Wi' a Hundred Pipers Christie Saunders o Voice: Gaelic of Kishmul's Galley Seth Austen o Guitar Eric Rice-Johnston o Bagpipes Stewart Dearie o Flute Cover watercolor by Aileen Campbell Recorded and mixed at the Inner Ear Studios, Don Zientara, engineer, Arlington, Virginia, February and March 1989 Produced by Aileen Campbell and Stewart Dearie Our thanks to Boosey and Hawkes for permission to record Songs of the Hebrides, Kishmul's Galley, Land of Heart's Desire, and Birds at the Fairy Fulling.